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Intelligent Networks® - Managed IT

Let Century develop an Intelligent Networks® plan for your organization. Our Intelligent Networks® services allow you to focus on managing your business while Century manages your technology. We have flexible plans and services to meet the needs of any small to mid-sized organization. At Century we know that one size does not fit all. Intelligent Networks® gives your organization a smart way to budget your IT costs without the burden or overhead of a full-time person or staff. Intelligent Networks® is built around preventing emergencies and costly downtime, however in the event an emergency should occur; Century has certified engineers that will be onsite to get your systems restored as quickly as possible. Century Solutions Group's Intelligent Networks® plans include remote monitoring of key services and event logs, remote maintenance on all workstations and servers, patch management, daily monitoring of your backup systems and regularly scheduled site visits.

Intelligent Networks® Suite of Services:

Intelligent Networks® Complete

Comprehensive flat-fee technology management suite that is built based on your organization's needs.  Century will meet with your team to determine the appropriate services and build a flat-fee Intelligent Networks® management plan.

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Intelligent Networks® Endpoint Security

Century's Endpoint Security is a powerful and proven solution for security  protection.  By incorporating reactive antivirus and spyware detection with the latest proactive technologies, Century is able to secure all of your laptops, desktops and servers.

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Intelligent Networks® SpamKiller

No longer let email Spam and viruses litter your inbox.  Intelligent Networks® SpamKiller service provides protection from the latest email threats.  The SpamKiller service also provides mail-queuing so that you do not lose important emails in the event your mail server or Internet connection is offline.

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Intelligent Networks® DataVault

DataVault provides your company with peace of mind.  Intelligent Networks® DataVault service provides for your critical data to be securely transmitted offsite daily. DataVault can be used to backup up servers, workstations and laptops.  DataVault is the perfect supplement to your existing backup strategy and should be included as part of your organizations disaster recovery plan.

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Intelligent Networks® Virtual Server Backup

Intelligent Networks® Virtual Server Backup is the solution for environments that want to limit down time in the event of a hardware or software failure. Virtual Server Backups allow your system to be restored to an Intelligent Networks<® Virtual Server Backup unit within hours of a catastrophe. Once restored the Virtual System will have the same data, server name, IP address and configuration information of the downed server. This allows your organization to only experience minimal downtime due to hardware or software failures.

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Intelligent Networks® Hosting

Intelligent Networks® Hosting provides your organization with Web, FTP, Secure SMTP and Email hosting services. Our web hosting services are provided on a Windows Server 2003 platform to support the latest technologies in web development.

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