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Nearly 145 billion emails are sent every day. It’s clear that email is your lifeline, but it’s also one of your greatest security risks. Email systems are prime targets for cyber criminals, but that doesn’t mean your inbox should be left defenseless.


Century Solutions Group’s email IT solutions make sure you’re always communicating powerfully and safely. Our team keeps cyber criminals out of your inbox with spam and malware protection, virus and email encryption, backup recovery plans and even training for your employees on how to spot and avoid malicious URLs.

Benefits of
Email Solutions

Get Outlook Email Support

Along with our Office 365 Management support services, you get full Outlook support. Look to our experts for help with features and services to maximize your productivity and efficiency.

Simplify Administration

Spam Quarantine Report emails make it easy for end users to manage their own spam, plus our easy and powerful Web console with role-based permissions gives system administrators complete control.

Strengthen Security

As cyber criminals become more innovative and creative, we do, too. Century Solutions Group continuously works to keep your inbox safe with email solutions that protect against malware and phishing, ransomware and more.

Maximize Uptime

Our expert team makes sure your email IT systems are always available since you never know when you’ll need to communicate. We also offer business continuity plans that cover your email servers.

Let Century Solutions Group bullet-proof your inbox.
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