MSP 101: What Does IT Mean?

MSP 101: What Does IT Mean

You’re sitting at your desk, overwhelmed with the avalanche of to-dos and wishing it was already the weekend when suddenly you notice all your files are gone from the server. You frantically click—hoping they’ll reappear—but, reality sets in, they’re all gone. You have a backup, but in an attempt to cut costs, the latest recovery period is six months old. Now what?

Nobody wants to face this nightmare, but maintaining servers is time-consuming and expensive. Comprehensive, timely back ups are just one of many tasks that a managed service provider (MSP) performs to protect your data and business.

What is a managed service provider?

An MSP provides outsourced IT support for your daily technology challenges, such as routine updates and maintenance, as well as backup and recovery services. With extensive knowledge in technology and how to fully leverage it for business growth, an MSP acts as an extension of your in-house IT team or a total go-to resource for technology help.

What do I get from an MSP partner?

When you work with a managed service provider, you gain more than just a reliable IT partner. You also gain an arsenal of experts ready to improve, maintain and manage your technology. Some other benefits include:

  • Saving Money
  • Resolving Problems Quickly
  • Maximizing Productivity
  • Accessing On-Demand Expertise
  • Improving Security

Outsourced vs. co-managed—what works for me?

When looking for ways to improve your technology support, you have two options. Outsourcing managed services gives you the freedom to focus on growth and innovation, while co-managing augments the expertise and bandwidth of your existing IT staff. You can adjust between outsourced and co-managed as your budget and goals change.

Are you ready to bring peace back to your workplace? Contact us to learn more about MSPs and how we can soothe your scariest nightmares.

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