Ring in the New Year with New Technology


As we say goodbye to 2016 and hello to 2017, you’re likely reflecting on the past year to understand your company’s successes and discover areas that need improvement. You should also take the time to think about your how well your technology served you this past year by asking these questions:

  • How much time did you spend using technology?
  • Did you have daily battles with your PCs or servers?
  • Were you bogged down fixing IT issues?

As that thought bubble of last year’s IT catastrophes and battles fades away, you’ll realize you don’t want those mishaps to slow you down this year—and they don’t have to.

Most technology issues and downtime are the result of outdated technology. Your technology—computers, servers, printers, copiers—have a lifespan. And, when they reach their last leg, the problems they cause are a lot more expensive than simply updating to a better solution.

Here are a few risks you can avoid by upgrading your technology:

Security Breaches: Technology evolves at the speed of light and so do cyber hackers. The older your software, the easier it is for your system to be breached. Old software is no match against attacks—having strong data security is essential.


Loss of Productivity: There’s nothing worse than getting into the full swing of things and suddenly your computer loses connection or completely shuts down. It’s estimated that the average worker loses 38 hours of productivity every year due to slow Internet connectivity and downtime. Having reliable technology matched with proactive monitoring solutions to spot and resolve issues before they slow down your team will ensure better productivity and results in the New Year.

Bad Reputation: All that downtime your employees face are dollars out the window. There’s also the cost of your reputation and missed opportunities. Plus, a Microsoft study concluded that more than 90 percent of consumers would consider taking their business elsewhere rather than work with a company that used outdated technology. To best serve your customers, you need the best technology.

Now, through the end of January, Century Solutions Group wants to help you make 2017 one of your best years yet. Our team of experts will help you uncover the top technology options that match your needs and fit your budget. Contact us today for a free consultation and get 50% off your first month of services.

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