The Benefits of Cloud Automation

The Benefits of Cloud Automation

Technology has enabled us to overcome many of the challenges created by distance. Today, we can connect with others instantly using our mobile devices or computers without thinking twice. However, recent innovations in cloud computing have allowed companies to perform their business tasks with greater ease than ever before. Let’s take a close look at cloud automation and how it can benefit your company.

What is Cloud Automation?

Cloud computing refers to computer system resources that can be accessed remotely over a network, such as the internet. This style of computing allows individuals and organizations to bypass data storage and/or computing power requirements, thereby improving their work capacity and efficiency.

Cloud Automation

Cloud automation is a special process within the cloud computing realm. This term refers to the practice of creating, altering , or removing resources based on the digital cloud. These tasks are typically performed manually by an IT team, and tend to be time consuming and strenuous. However, with the help of cloud automation, these tasks can be carried out automatically using specialized tools that are not necessarily built into the cloud itself.

Benefits of Cloud Automation

More and more companies are adopting cloud automation due to the numerous benefits this technology provides. This includes:

Better Network Protection and Security

Cloud computing involves many sensitive tasks, especially when linking devices across the cloud network. It’s not uncommon for multiple IT staff to work on setting up and running a single system. This staff is required to log into the system before they can monitor it and make the appropriate changes. However, this opens up your system to many risks. If the wrong person gets a hold of the network password and is able to enter the system, they can wreak havoc on it.

Cloud automation helps companies stay protected from these risks by taking care of network upkeep and automation without need for staff to be involved. In addition to this many cloud automation tools come with built-in security features to stop unauthorized users from accessing the system.

Streamlined Data Backup

Most businesses in the digital era rely on customer and vendor data when carrying out day-to-day tasks. This data is always at risk of being lost or stolen, either due to hardware failure or server hacks. One way to get around the risk of data loss is to back up your data regularly. However, this can be a time consuming process that often requires the assistance of IT staff.

With an automated cloud, businesses can get their data backed up automatically. This means IT staff won’t need to worry about scheduling special data backup sessions, as new data will automatically be backed up to the cloud and stored in an organized manner for future retrieval.

Improved Management

Cloud systems require special oversight due to their immense importance. However, managing a cloud system can be challenging, as IT managers may be unable to view each component that is active in the cloud network. However, with cloud automation, you can observe and control your infrastructure from a centralized location.

How to Get Started With Cloud Automation

Whether you’ve already made the move to the cloud and need help optimizing your infrastructure or you want to leverage the cloud but don’t know where to start, Century Solutions Group is here to lend a helping hand. We’ll help you find the perfect balance between public, private and hybrid cloud options and make sure everything integrates seamlessly. We offer premier IT solutions and can help your small or medium-sized business receive the IT attention it requires. Please get in touch with us at  to learn more about our list of services.


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